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IMG_0180Chris Brennan is just your average guy. Smart, but no genius. Nice, but not above being a jerk sometimes.

He’s basically coasting through life trying to figure out how to balance his passion for writing with his need to eat on a daily basis. So he’s traded in his journalism degree for one in computer programming, and has been offered a job by a large German Hi-Tech firm… Sigh.

Let’s face it, his life is boring.

But that all changes one rainy night when he meets a beautiful young woman in a smoky, Munich rathskeller.

Something about Ria–a modern abbreviation of Maria– hints that she might be older than her youthful beauty suggests.

In fact, as Chris is drawn further into the mystery that surrounds her, he discovers that not only does her chronology not add up, but the enigmatic woman he is falling in love with appears to be a dead ringer for a mysterious psychic who lived in Germany between the First and Second World War’s.

Even more disturbing is the evidence that the woman Ria resembles was an intimate of the twisted group of fanatics that brought the Nazis to power. The same group who was rumored to have provided the Germans with advanced rocketry, jet propulsion, and even some contend – flying saucers.

As if this is not troubling enough, there are whispers that allege that this same woman supposedly vanished in 1945 only to reappear 70 years later…without having aged a day!

As Chris reluctantly begins peeling back the layers of mystery and secrecy, he finds that what seemed like a series of far-fetched coincidences could really be the tip of a massive conspiracy dating back thousands of years.

Chris realizes that the implications have gone far beyond what could have been an interesting story for a frustrated journalist, to a nasty bit of global intrigue that could get someone seriously hurt. Namely him!

He decides to wash his hands of the whole thing and leaves Germany and reruns to Boston. He even finds a new love, Kat, an uncomplicated American girl who has no mysterious past, sinister acquaintances or confusing chronology.

But events have been set in motion and he’s already been drawn into the battles of other groups to whom he’s merely a pawn to be pushed around the board. And by the time the Chris begins to realize the profound impact that the wrong victors of this struggle could have on the world – it may already be too late.